-In The Haunted Mask, Carly Beth Caldwell is an 11-year-old girl who is the target of pranks at her school. She vows revenge on her classmates, and goes to a new costume store, where the the store owner reluctantly sells her a mask that looks like a deformed face. Carly puts the mask on, and then is unable to remove it, because it has become her face. The mask can only be removed by a symbol of love, which ends up being a Halloween mask that Carly's mother made.

In 2001, The Haunted Mask was listed as the 249th bestselling children's paperback book of all time. Everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this The Haunted Mask Goosebumps T-Shirt!

Fun fact: R. L. Stine says he got the idea for The Haunted Mask from his son who had put on a Halloween mask he had trouble getting off.

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